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To help you move faster, and be more successful, Screen Canberra has developed what industry insiders believe is Australia’s most effective program for screen development.


  • Over six months, we train you in proven development methods, we help you develop your projects, and set up your own virtual writers room with showrunner
  • You will have multiple opportunities to learn, and rehearse, and deliver a project pitch that articulates your intentions, and connects with the market gatekeepers
  • Whether you write for film, TV, or you’re not entirely sure yet, Screen POD will help you maximise your creativity, AND your chances to find a buyer for your script



Learn and apply industry standard analytical tools

Understand the nature and business of development

Build flexible development habits, suited to your needs


Generate a multitude of fresh ideas for marketable screen productions

Collaborate in a virtual writers room, and receive expert feedback

Learn and practise the discipline and routine of writing for screen


Understand the various aspects of pitching in the screen industry

Develop and practise an effective pitch for your own screen project

Conduct industry standard pitch meetings with leading producers


Erin Foy

Accelerator TV POD 2017, 2019 The personal and professional connections I've made as a result of the POD are beyond valuable.

Tom Armstrong

Accelerator TV POD 2019 I found it incredibly rewarding and I'm now developing my concept with some talented industry professionals.

Bruce Davie

POD Alumni At the very least, POD is a fantastic networking opportunity. At best, it is the start of a career.

BK Lyon

Accelerator TV POD 2020 I highly recommend the program if you have difficulties moving the project down the line.

Claudia Cooney

POD Alumni POD allowed me to develop the skills and knowledge to craft my idea in a supportive environment and establish relationships.

Joshua Koske

POD Alumni In a matter of months, POD provides knowledge and connections that traditionally take years to foster.


For 2022, we have introduced a payment plan option, which is available for both Early Bird and Regular Tickets. Simply add your ticket to cart and select the ‘Pay Deposit‘ option when checking out to pay 50% up-front with the remaining 50% due by 10 August 2022.


    Join Australia's premium story development program. 20+ sessions of training, workshopping, talks and pitching, starting Saturday 20 August.

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Explore and download a selection of resources to help you get prepared for Screen POD.

Explore a selection of films and TV shows you should watch Download the Screen POD Watch List
Learn more about Screen POD Download the Screen POD Program Overview


Session 1:
20 August, 10am – 1pm

Session 2:
9 September (Guest Speaker, Arts Law), 11:30am – 1:30pm

Session 3:
24 September, 10am – 1pm

Session 4:
1 October (Guest Speaker), Time TBC

Session 5:
22 October, 10am – 1pm

Session 6:
27 October (Templates due)

Session 7:
3 & 4 November, 9am – 5pm (Round Table Pitching)

Session 8:
19 November, 10am – 1pm

Session 9:
10 December, 10am – 11pm

Session 10:
21 January 2023 (Guest Speaker), Time TBC

Session 11:
1 February 2023 (Templates due)

Session 12:
4 February 2023, 10am – 1pm

Session 13:
9 & 10 February 2023, 9am – 5pm (Final Pitch)

Screen POD is a format-agnostic and market driven program delivered in three streams: Process, Project, and Pitch.

  1. Process – focusing on learning the discipline of writing for screen.
  2. Project – putting the theory-based learning into practice – with the assistance and guidance of a trained Developer.
  3. Pitch – pitching developed concepts to market.

It is advised that people who haven’t previously attended POD, or have little screenwriting experience, take part in all three streams.

At film school you learn the craft. As a Screen POD participant, you’ll brush up on your craft, while preparing for the market.

If you participate in all:

  1. Process; 1 hour every fortnight
  2. Project; 3-4 hours every fortnight – at the discretion of the Developer
  3. Pitching; 3 two-day sessions.

Yes, your in-progress development documents will be submitted throughout the course – these are to be completed within your own time.

Participants are also encouraged to meet outside POD, and outside their specific group’s meetings.

Payment for Screen POD can either be made in a lump sum before the program begins or via a payment plan. Payment plans are a set amount on a regular payment schedule – all payments must be made before the final pitching session.

Every session will be recorded, and we make an attempt to share it within 48-72 hours after. This means that sessions are accessible for you to catch-up later at your own pace – or to rewatch!

Yes. However, to qualify you must have some proven industry experience or have previously completed at least two Accelerator PODs

If you would like to discuss this further, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Not at all! Screen POD helps you find the overlap between your artistry and the needs of the market.

Screen POD starts with an idea generation session that participants have found revelatory. These sessions have even lead to the development of a project that was later courted by a mini-major studio.

If you have no experience, you must first complete Barefoot Script.

This 22-day training program introduces you to the format and style of writing for the screen. There is no additional cost for enrolment.

Some of our Screen POD alumni have had the exact same reservation, and following their completion of the program, they are now running their own writers’ rooms.

If you have any further reservations or would like to discuss this further, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Screen POD is not an accredited course, but you will receive a Certificate of Completion for the scriptwriting component.

In the past, representatives from a range of different studios have attended, including:

Studio Canal
Princess Pictures
Goalpost Pictures
Universal Pictures
Roadshow Rough Diamond
Matchbox Pictures
Ruby Entertainment
Northern Pictures
Easy Tiger
Hoodlum Entertainment
Transmission Films
Odin’s Eye Entertainment
Bonsai Films
Playmaker Media

Of course! Although it is recommended to complete the pitch face-to-face, we will facilitate the option for online-only participants.

There are many benefits! Screen POD has been redesigned to suit participants at different stages of their writing development. Having previously been format based (TV or film), Screen POD is now format-agnostic. Some returning participants use POD to bring a new project to the market-ready stage.

Screen POD alumni have also come back to run a new project through the POD pipeline, or to meet with new market representatives. It also keeps you sharp in terms of development practices. And even if you can apply the process without POD, you still receive ongoing feedback from the market and your peers.

Developer POD is an application-based program for evolving script developers. The ‘Developers’ are the team leaders who help assist and cultivate concept ideas with Screen POD participants.

Previously taking place face-to-face, the program has been adapted to be COVID-safe and now takes place via an online classroom.