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Delivered by Screen Canberra Accelerator TV POD is an intensive gateway program for Australian, New Zealand and Singaporean writers, directors and producers seeking to develop and market-test tv projects with strong commercial prospects. 

So, what can you expect?

  • Developing ideas for marketable TV shows
  • Mapping out an act, episode and season
  • Writing obsessive characters
  • Writing synopsis, treatment and script
  • Developing ideas from feedback
  • Understanding the business model of development
  • Learning the discipline and routine writing

In the Accelerator POD Program, we focus on helping you develop marketable concepts in supportive environment.

About Instructor


Karel Segers wrote his first produced screenplay at age 17. Today he is a story consultant, writer and producer, with experience in film rights acquisition, development and production. Karel is a qualified teacher whose lectures have inspired students in Australia, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. His clients include award-winning filmmakers as well as three Oscar-nominees. Karel is the founder of The Story Department and www.Logline.it! and he ranks in the world's Top 10 of most influential people for screenwriting on Twitter. He is a co-writer on Danger Close (aka Long Tan), a screenplay that attracted Kriv Stenders (Red Dog), Sam Worthington (Avatar) and Stuart Beattie (Pirates of the Caribbean).

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Course Includes

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