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Welcome – About Immersion

In this Welcome module, I walk you through the entire course. We’ll do the bird’s eye thing.
In this way, you will better understand the intentions, and it will sharpen your focus.

Completing the Steps

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At the end of this introduction, we’ll do a quick warming-up exercise; the serious script work starts tomorrow.

Before we begin, I want you to have a clear picture of the main four modules of the course, and their associated tasks:

  1. In Warmup, you will copy a master screenplay.
  2. In Wonder, you will summarise seven scripts.
  3. in Workout, you will transcribe one feature film.
  4. in Write It, you will draft your own screenplay.

Every module involves … writing.

While you are learning the key skills of a writer, you are building a rock-solid habit of writing regularly.

Every. Single. Day.

It’s one of the secret weapons of the Immersion Screenwriting course, and you will love it!

But first, let’s make some friends and click on the first step below: “Join The Community”.