• 5 Modules

    Immersion Screen

    Enrol now for a daily workout to kickstart your pro screenwriting habits! This course is about building habits, not learning theory. Get results immediately, and see more improvement with every stage of the course. You will intimately understand some of the greatest screenplays ever written, and immediately incorporate their techniques in your own writing. Copy the brain processes of the working screenwriter, develop formatting muscle memory, and learn how to translate ideas into proper screenplay style - quickly and effortlessly. Immersion Screenwriting is the online course for the 21st century. Its unique approach guarantees results, even before you reach the final module.
  • 4 Modules

    Immersion TV 2020

    Almost every single screenwriting book and teacher puts the cart before the horse. They show you good screenwriting, and they say: write that.  They analyse…
  • 13 Modules

    Process POD

    Learn and apply industry standard analytical tools Understand the nature and business of development Build flexible development habits, suited to your needs
  • 7 Modules

    Project POD

    Welcome to Project POD 2021 Delivered by Screen Canberra Accelerator TV POD is an intensive gateway program for Australian, New Zealand and Singaporean writers, directors and producers…